Drunk Elephant T.L.C vs Sunday Riley Good Genes

Price wise, they are as bad as eachother. Although an important difference is that I went through Sunday Riley Good Genes in little under 2(!) months and have managed to make Drunk Elephant last at least 6 months.

Both products rely upon a chemical exfoliator and both are recommended for night-time use as they make skin more sensitive to the sun.

Drunk Elephant is one of those products you only really start missing when you stop using it. Though it has a slight tingly and skin does looks more even in the morning, the results are initially subtle.

Good Genes on the other hand, is a product that you ‘feel’ working straight away as it has quite an intense prickle; it also makes skin feel smoother after only a couple of hours, whereas the effect of Drunk Elephant I find, take a couple of days to really show.

The long term effects however, seem to be less impresive. I found myself applying a pretty tick layer to keep up results, rather then having to only dab a little bit on a couple of night a week with the T.L.C serum.

It does makes sense when you know that Good Genes contains ‘softer’ lactic acid whereas T.L.C relies on the stronger glycolic acid.

Ever since using an exfoliating serum on a nightly basis, I have found my complexion to be more even, though I did also notice some sun spots under my eye, which could be caused by a highted sensitivity due to the AHA’s in these serums (or age…). Jane Iredale’s powdered sunscreen however has resolved that issue now it seems.

In conclusion, though Sunday Riley seems to have nailed the formula when it comes to a quick fix, I did notice better long term effects with T.L.C.

In the end, I finished Good Genes and decided not to repurchase. I find there are much better products out there for a quick fix. Drunk Elephant on the other hand has impressed me with its long-term results and has become one of my HG products.

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